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Through this box, we promote the written practice of the native languages of children because writing in one’s native language is a good start to acquiring a new one. The aim is to encourage children’s native language in the process of learning.







The Goal

The children start by answering a few questions about themselves. They record their answers digitally and share them with other children in another class. They’re learning new skills and sharing their personal interests through this activity in the classroom. This technique helps to eliminate prejudices and foster a welcoming environment.

The Method

Seven questions are asked of each child. Simple questions such as your name, age, favourite activity, and why they like school. The mission is for the children to express themselves. They speak of their culture, feelings, and living environment in a safe digital setting. They get to use current technological means like iPads and smartphones to present this information in a video format. At the same time, they are working on oral language, knowing how to listen, and their creativity. There’s also collaboration as they exchange videos with children in another school. Through giving answers and listening to answers, children reaffirm the importance of their own identity and importance of other identities and learn about diversity and that everyone belongs equally.

What We Found

The activity was great, the children loved using new technologies to make videos for correspondence. Video creation, with the help of educators, worked well for children, and sharing of the content was secured and controlled. The General Data Protection Regulations were important to adhere to, together with parents and children understanding and expressing consent to record. All these measures have led to children learning how to use technology in a safe space, controlled and productive way. It was a successful way for them to show their creativity and feel empowered. Also, new friendships developed through the exchange with another school. What a great way to foster inclusion in schools.

How to Start

First, contact another school about participating in your activity and give them details on the mission. Take a piece of paper and write down seven simple questions for children to answer. Communicate clearly to parents, teachers, and children what is suggested, and how will the videos be shared. Allow them to control the sharing, storing, and deleting of this recorded material. Ask children to record their answers in digital format by using their parent’s smartphones or a tablet. Encourage the parent or teacher-supported recording activity. Within a week, start presentations of all the digital recordings and share them with your partner school. A great thing to do would be to have special snacks for the children on the day of sharing and viewing exchanged videos, to make the day full and complete.
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