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Pictures on Pictures


Inclusion, Collaboration, Digital Skills, Learning


Make iconographic documents; use artistic techniques (collage); use a code other than writing to make a description of oneself.







The Goal

The biographical event that was entrusted to creativity provided pupils with the tools for interdisciplinary activities and allowed for the free expression of each student. Through this event, students had the opportunity to explore their creativity and showcase their unique abilities, regardless of their academic background. By providing a platform for interdisciplinary activities, pupils were able to collaborate with one another and learn from their peers, fostering a more inclusive and diverse learning environment. Overall, this event was instrumental in promoting student engagement and encouraging pupils to express themselves freely, ultimately contributing to a more enriched and fulfilling learning experience for all students involved.

The Method

As part of the activity, pupils are asked to select a personal photograph and paste it onto an A4 sheet of paper. From there, students are encouraged to fill the remaining free space with non-random images that they have previously cut out from magazines, books, or printed material. These images should tell a story or provide insight into the student’s personal experiences. This activity serves as a platform for students to explore their creativity and express themselves in a visual manner. By incorporating personal photographs and non-random images, pupils are able to showcase their unique backgrounds and experiences, fostering a more inclusive and diverse learning environment. Overall, this activity encourages students to express themselves freely and can contribute to a more enriched and fulfilling learning experience.

What We Found

The activity is highly recommended because it empowers children to express themselves without the limitations of language. By providing a platform for creative expression, pupils can communicate their thoughts and emotions through photography. This activity fosters a sense of individuality and allows each student to showcase their unique perspectives and experiences. Encouraging children to express themselves freely, can help to develop their confidence and self-esteem, ultimately contributing to a more fulfilling and enriching learning experience. Overall, the activity promotes creativity and self-expression, serving as a valuable tool for students to communicate their innermost thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way.

How to Start

As part of the activity, pupils are provided with A4 paper that they can use to print their selected images, using a computer and printer. Once the students have completed their artwork, the sheets with the pictures are hung in the classroom on what is known as the “Mur des amis,” or the “Wall of friends.” This serves as a visual display of the students’ creative works, providing a source of inspiration for their peers and promoting a sense of community within the classroom. The activity encourages children to engage with one another’s work, promoting collaboration and mutual support. By displaying the artwork on the “Mur des amis,” pupils can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in their creative work, which can help to boost their self-esteem and confidence. Overall, this activity serves as a powerful tool for promoting self-expression, creativity, and community-building among pupils, contributing to a more enriching and fulfilling learning experience.

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