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The goal is to prevent stigmatization of the children and facilitate their integration into the classroom.







The Goal

The goal is to prevent stigmatization of the children and facilitate their integration into the classroom, leading to the establishment of a conducive environment where all the children can learn and socialize harmoniously.

The Method

The method of writing and recording a song using the names of animals in the various languages of origin of the students is an effective way to encourage cultural diversity and inclusivity in a classroom. To start, the teacher can assign each student to research and provide the name of an animal in their native language. Once all the names are collected, the class can work collaboratively to write lyrics and compose a melody for the song. This process allows students to engage in creative expression and promotes teamwork and collaboration among them. As the song is recorded, the children can take turns singing the different verses in their respective languages, giving them an opportunity to share their cultural heritage with their peers. This activity is not only educational but also enjoyable, as incorporating music into the learning process has been shown to increase student engagement and retention. Overall, the recording of the animal song is a method that promotes cultural awareness and fosters a positive and welcoming learning environment for all students.

What We Found

The conclusion of the animal songwriting and recording project was met with great pride and enthusiasm from the participating children. Despite the pressure of recording, the children applied themselves diligently and sang with passion and energy. As teachers and musicians, it was a gratifying experience to witness the positive outcome of the project and the children’s hard work paying off. The sense of achievement was not limited to the children alone, as some parents expressed their gratitude and admiration for the project and its final result. Overall, the success of the animal song project served as a testament to the positive impact of creative and collaborative learning experiences and the joy that can be derived from celebrating diversity through music.

How to Start

To initiate an engaging activity around animals, one can introduce children to a variety of animals and encourage them to identify the names of these animals in their respective native languages. This exercise could involve asking the children if they know how to say the names of different animals in their mother tongue, or alternatively, encouraging them to seek help from their family members. The purpose of this activity is to start from the students’ primary languages and use animals as a theme to write songs that incorporate different sounds and linguistic expressions. Once the children have identified the animal names, they can be utilized to create new songs or to modify existing ones that focus on animals. This collaborative and creative approach to learning not only fosters the children’s linguistic abilities but also encourages them to celebrate their cultural heritage and diversity through the medium of music.

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