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The Goal

The proposed dances, to well-known music (JINGLE BELL ROCK and LAST CHRISTMAS), contain simple choreography suitable for 7-year-old pupils that aim at inclusion and participation through movements, of all pupils, even those who do not understand the vehicular language.

The Method

In an effort to celebrate diversity and promote cultural awareness, it was decided to create a dance that combines two popular holiday songs, JINGLE BELL ROCK, and LAST CHRISTMAS. The dance can incorporate different styles and movements that reflect the diverse cultural backgrounds of the participants. This approach not only fosters cultural awareness and appreciation but also provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their unique talents and creativity. Furthermore, the use of popular songs helps to make the activity engaging and fun for all involved, while also reinforcing the spirit of the holiday season. Overall, the creation of a dance that combines different cultural elements and popular holiday songs can serve as a powerful tool to promote diversity and encourage cross-cultural exchange.

What We Found

Dance and choreography are highly recommended activities that provide pupils with a unique opportunity to express their feelings and moods through movement. By incorporating music and rhythm, students can communicate and convey emotions that may be difficult to express in words. Moreover, dance allows students to tap into their creativity and imagination, fostering personal growth and self-expression. As pupils learn different techniques and styles of dance, they also develop important physical and cognitive skills, such as coordination, memory, and spatial awareness. Overall, dance and choreography provide a fun and engaging way for pupils to explore their emotions and creativity while also improving their overall well-being.

Overall, this project was a creative and inclusive way to celebrate diversity within the classroom and promote a sense of belonging among the students.

How to Start

  1. Explain to the pupils that they will be creating a dance for two songs that the class likes.
  2. Ask the pupils to suggest two songs that they would like to dance to.
  3. Once two songs have been selected, explain that the dance will need to be choreographed to fit both songs.
  4. Provide guidance on how to structure the dance, such as starting with one song and transitioning to the other, or alternating between the two songs.
  5. Encourage the pupils to work together to come up with creative and engaging dance moves.
  6. Remind the pupils to be inclusive and considerate of their peers, and to incorporate movements that reflect the diversity of the class.
  7. Allow the pupils to practice and refine their dance until they feel confident and comfortable performing it.
  8. Finally, showcase the dance to the class or to a wider audience as a way to celebrate the pupils’ creativity and teamwork.
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