Play Box Comic The comic book is a means of expression that is very popular among children and young people due to its combination of narrative and visual elements. In this activity our approach to the comic is simple and accessible in order to propose to the participants an alternative way to express themselves. Download […]

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Image Theatre

Play Box Image Theatre Image Theatre is a method proposed in the “Theatre of the Oppressed” introduced by Augusto Boal. The participants are asked to create with their bodies images that express opinions about a situation or a conflict with ease and safety, while at the same time reflects on the emotions. In this workshop,

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Play Box Photonovel The Photonovel (Fotonovela) is a technique that combines different means of expression, consisting of chronological photographs with dialogue enclosed in balloons, as in the style of a comic book. In the past it was an element that was very much appreciated by the popular class of the society and today it can

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Drama Workshop

Play Box Drama Workshop A drama workshop based on a picture book about immigration The picture book “The Suitcase” by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros can work as a simple and powerful way to explore themes of displacement and difference. Drama offers a challenging, stimulating and safe place for the participants to easily engage with and to reach

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Personal or Family Objects

Play Box Personal or family objects Personal and family objects may be used as effective educational material to promote the aim of intercultural education, such as the acceptance of, raising respect for and interaction with ’otherness’. The familiarization and acceptance of cultural diversity does not concern only migrants/refugees and migration, but concerns everybody, majorities and

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Games for Ice-Breaking

Play Box Games for ice-breaking In this workshop we proposeto a group, whose members do not speak the same language,some games aimed at getting to knoweach otherfor the first timeand to develop groupdynamics.For this reason we have chosen games that are not based on language but onmovement, rhythm, humour, etc Download PDF

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Theatre Time

Play Box NAME OF THE ACTIVITY / METHOD Theatre Time CATEGORIES Communication GOALS AND BENEFITS Play in theatre leads to inclusion. RATED BY CHILDREN  5/5 RATED BY PARENTS  5/5 RATED BY TEACHERS  5/5 The Goal A trained actor works with the children to express their feelings through theatre. Short plays are produced

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L’Estey Social Centre Workshops

Play Box NAME OF THE ACTIVITY / METHOD L’Estey Social Centre Workshops CATEGORIES creativity, food, wellbeing GOALS AND BENEFITS Artistic workshops can lead to inclusion RATED BY CHILDREN  5/5 RATED BY PARENTS  5/5 RATED BY TEACHERS  5/5 The Goal To create through art, dance, cooking, craft, games, and music an environment of

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Let’s Dance

Play Box NAME OF THE ACTIVITY / METHOD Let’s Dance! CATEGORIES teamwork, health, inclusion and wellbeing GOALS AND BENEFITS Make iconographic documents; use artistic techniques (collage)0; use a code other than writing to make a description of oneself. RATED BY CHILDREN  5/5 RATED BY PARENTS  5/5 RATED BY TEACHERS  5/5 The Goal

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My Favorite Things!

Play Box NAME OF THE ACTIVITY / METHOD My Favorite Things! CATEGORIES Inclusion, Play, Wellbeing GOALS AND BENEFITS For children to represent themselves through their favorite things. They will share their favorite color, song, sport, or school subject.  RATED BY CHILDREN  5/5 RATED BY PARENTS RATED BY TEACHERS  5/5 The Goal For children

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